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This page is reserved for award pins and medals, fund raising items and special discount items that are only available to figure skating clubs, hockey teams, pro shops and synchronized (precision) teams. Our suppliers generally require quantity purchases for your club, pro shop or team to qualify for their wholesale discounts or fund raising programs.

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Creative Pins by Lynne Fund Raising Program

Genuine Swarovski Crystal Pins! Lynne's skating and hockey pins are known throughout the world for their beauty and quality. These pins are sterling silver plated and absolutely sparkle and blaze with reflected light! We are pleased to be able to offer Creative Pins By Lynne jewelry and pins at a 40% discount to skating teams and clubs for their fund raising programs with a minimum order of 12 pins. Images of the pins marked with an * (asterisk) can be found on our Jewelry I Page. Shipping to United States destinations costs approximately $7.50 for the first $100 with insurance included and an additional $2.50 to $3.00 per $100 thereafter.

Item #DescriptionList PriceClub Price
L1A*SKATER'S M(Heart)M$30.00$18.00
L1BHOCKEY M(Heart)M$30.00$18.00
L1CNEW - GOALIE'S M(Heart)M$30.00$18.00
L1DNEW - SYNCHRO M(Heart)M$30.00$18.00
L2A*I (Heart) SKATING$30.00$18.00
L2BI (Heart) 2 SKATE$30.00$18.00
L2CI (Heart) HOCKEY$30.00$18.00
L3AICE SKATER$30.00$18.00
L3B*SKATING COACH$33.00$19.80
L3C*ICE DANCER$30.00$18.00
L3DPAIR SKATER$30.00$18.00
L4BSKATING FAN$30.00$18.00
L4CSKATING PRO$30.00$18.00
L4DHOCKEY FAN$30.00$18.00
L5AI (Heart) MY SKATING (Star)$36.00$21.60
L5B*I (Heart) MY HOCKEY (Star)$36.00$21.60
L6A*I (Heart) Over Blade$24.00$14.40
L6BModern Blade (Small)$18.00$10.80
L6COld Fashioned Blade (Medium)$30.00$18.00
L7ABlade Over PRECISION$36.00$21.60
L7B*Blade Over NATIONALS$36.00$21.60
L8A*COACH Over Blade$30.00$18.00
L8BPAIRS Over Blade$30.00$18.00
L8CJUDGE Over Blade$30.00$18.00
L8DDANCER Over Blade$30.00$18.00
L8ENEW - SYNCHRO Over Blade$30.00$18.00
L9A*Skating Couple$30.00$18.00
L9B*Layback (Small)$12.00$ 7.60
L9CDangle Girl (Legs Dangle)$12.00$7.60
L9D*Dangle Kids (Legs Dangle)$12.00$ 7.20
L9EDangle Kids (Pierced Earrings)$16.00$9.60
L9F*Layback (Large)$16.00$ 9.60
L9GLayback (Large) With Keychain$16.50$ 9.90
L9H*Skating Duck$16.00$ 9.60
L10A*Fashionable Boot (Medium)$33.00$19.80
L10BVery Modern Boot (Large)$36.00$21.60
L10C*I (Heart) With Hockey Stick$15.00$ 9.00

Designs By Margarita Fund Raising Program

This is our most popular fund raising program. Margarita's beautiful skating jewelry and skating pins are featured on my Jewelry II, Skating Pins I and Skating Pins II pages. Margarita's skating pins tend to sell like hotcakes! We offer figure skating clubs, pro shops and teams wholesale pricing for fund raising events with a minimum order of 50 pins or jewelry items. Cost prices are generally around 60% to 70% of the selling prices shown on my pages. Most retailers sell Margarita's pins for 10%-20% more than we do, so you should easily be able to double your money on all of the pins that you sell.

A wholesale pricelist is available for Designs by Margarita pins and jewelry items upon request. Shipping costs on skating pins are generally reasonable. 50-60 pins sent by Priority Mail usually cost around $6.00 to US destinations. Airmail shipping to Canada is around $7.00 and international shipping is around $12.50 to $14.00 to more than 160 countries throughout the rest of the world.

New - Doll & Beanie Baby Blades

These sturdy skate blades are ideal for mounting skates on dolls, stuffed animals and beanie babies. Skating dolls, stuffed animals and beanie babies sell like hotcakes, so this is a great fund raising project idea. The blades attach easily and securely to fabrics, plastic and vinyl when glued with a hot glue gun. We offer a 30% discount on orders for 25-49 blades and a full 40% discount on orders for 50 or more blades. Priority Mail usually cost around $6.00 to US destinations. Airmail shipping to Canada is around $7.00 to $8.00 and international shipping is around $12.50 to $16.00 to more than 160 countries throughout the rest of the world for 40-50 pairs of blades.

Skate Blades For Doll

Item #DescriptionList33% Discount40% Discount
MIC-1681.25" Blade$1.95$1.365 Pair$1.17 Pair
MIC-168A1.62" Blade$2.95$2.065 Pair$1.77 Pair
MIC-168B2.37" Blade$3.95$2.765 Pair$2.37 Pair

Ice Skating Accessories Galore Fund Raiser

Ice Skating Accessories Galore offers clubs, pro shops and teams a 20% discount on all blade covers (soakers), boot covers, gloves, luggage tags, pencils, skateguards, skateguard keychains, stickers and tights from suggested list prices. The minimum order requirement to participate in the Ice Skating Accessories Galore fund raising program is $100 at cost. For tights the minimum order is 12 pairs of tights. We do ask that you provide us with at least a three to four week lead time when ordering skating accessories for your fund raising event or for competition goody bag stuffers. Payment of customs duties, if any, on shipments to clubs and teams located outside of the United States are the responsibility of the recipient.

Custom Printed Skating Certificates

I'm delighted to offer Custom Printed Skating Certificates in a nice variety of paper colors and ink colors. You may order as few as 100 certificates. The skating certificates are ideal for skating awards, participation in skating events and competitions, special recognitions, announcements, invitations and special events. For more information about obtaining Custom Printed Skating Certificates for your club or team, please go to my Skating Post-it ® Notes & Certificates Page.

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