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Edea ShowGirl Tan Ice Skate Boots

Edea ShowGirl Tan Ice Skate Boots

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Edea ShowGirl Sizes
Available only in Tan color.
The EDEA ShowGirl Skate is a new take on the traditional Concerto. The ShowGirl is a beautiful Tan Skate especially designed by Skates U.S. for high performance and the rigors of show skating. The EDEA ShowGirl Skate combines the strength of the Concerto and the beauty, comfort, and low-cut back of the Flamenco Ice with many special features that make it ideal for Skating Shows or for high-level competitive Dance Skaters.

Tough Construction 85 stiffness

Sizes Available and in stock:

230 through 270 “B” and “C” widths, 275 and 280 “C” width only)

Please reference the Sizing Chart for conversion from US and Euro sizes.

Colors: Tan (only)
Type of Skating: Ice Show Skating and Dance, and Inline Roller Skating
Training Level: Double, Triple Jumps, along with Pattern and Free Dance
(Even a good option for lower level Skaters, in EDEA you cannot “OverBoot” a Skater)
Training Hours: 20 to 25 Plus Hours per week
Comfort Level: Ultra Comfortable Skate with a great Point.

The EDEA ShowGirl Skate is a new take on the traditional Flamenco Ice. The ShowGirl is a beautiful Tan Skate especially designed by Skates U.S. for the rigors of show skating. The EDEA ShowGirl Skate is the Ultimate Skating Boot for Show Skating, High-Level Competitive Ice Dance, Roller Long Figures, and Inline FreeStyle Roller Skating where a great Toe Point is desired. The Ultra-Light Super Tough Construction with Beautiful Leather finish outside with an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial MicroFibre mesh Lining covers comfortable memory foam. The ShowGirl Skate is made with Revolutionary NEW Ultra Lightweight Materials, which means the ShowGirl Skate is about 25% to 45% lighter than comparable traditional leather Skating Boots.

Some of the core features are:

– The Strength of a Concerto (and also the Flamenco Ice) for the ladies doing strong jumps in Shows.

– A Low-Cut Back with a Tan Cuff that is just a couple of millimeters taller than the standard Flamenco Ice for that extra strength and support for jumping, while especially allowing a wonderful toe point while being incredibly comfortable.

– The anatomically shaped Memory Foam padding will remember your foot, provide support and especially deliver comfort.

– The Tongue is like the Concerto in strength, padding, and feeling.

– The Lining of the ShowGirl Skate is the anti-bacterial and anti-microbial Lining like the Ice Fly and Piano for quick drying.

– The EDEA ShowGirl Skate, like all EDEA skates, are very comfortable and lightweight and use the Thermoformable Structure for support and strength. The EDEA ShowGirl Skate can be “Custom Shaped” for that perfect fit, by qualified Skates U.S.- EDEA Dealers or Skates U.S. directly.

– The unique EDEA Footbed is torsionally rigid but with just a bit of vertical compression, that creates a lower center of gravity in the Skate, creating a lower displacement which greatly increases stability and control. The Footbed and bottom cover will not absorb moisture and WILL Securely hold the special EDEA screws, mounting the Ice Blades.

– That Great Italian Design with a twist to a passionate Red inlaid waterproof Sole and imbedded Swarovski crystals, both on the side and in the arch of the Red Sole for that beautiful, functional, and adds that final touch of elegance.

(just a note: Tan Laces are available in 240 and 260, both with and without Swarovski Crystals on the center of the toe of the lace.)

Special Show Skaters pricing is available. A Show Skater must provide proper credentials that you are currently skating in a show.
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