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Hello! I'm your blogger and shop owner, Chelsea!

Chelsea Chasman ice skating fitter and skate tech pro shop

Thanks for visiting our web shop and new blog! My name is Chelsea Chasman. 

Together with my husband Stephen, we own and operate and our two brick-and-mortar pro shops, Edges & Dreams. It's nice to meet you!

With so many choices in skate equipment, I thought it would be nice to bring my coaching perspective and skate tech expertise to you, our loyal and amazing customers. Keep an eye on this blog for updates on what's new in figure skating technology. I'll also do comparisons on products, talk about how to use your equipment, take care of it and so much more. Don't worry, it won't all be serious stuff. I like to mix in sparkles of fun and creativity too.

Here's a little history about me and why we started this small biz that we love so much.

I began coaching learn to skate classes in 2007 and from there grew to teaching private lessons. Then a few years after that, around 2011, I furthered my skills by entering the skate fitting and blade technician side of things. While training skaters in skating skills, freestyle and ice dance, I noticed there was no local skate fitter in our area to recommend my students check out for their skate needs. I wanted a place that I could trust to properly size and sharpen skates. I was disappointed. There was no one I could trust. I did not want to risk rockers being flattened, edges being sharpened unleveled, toe picks rounded, and skaters in pain from boots too big or too small.

With the permission of management at the rink, we started stocking a corner of our hockey pro shop with a small amount of figure skating items like skates, tights and socks and then grew from there. About a year later, we were able to open a super small shop inside the previous Zamboni Drivers' office. Literally, it was bedroom size. But it would do and we were happy to have our own first space of our own. We crammed it full, top to bottom, of all the skate products we would represent. AND we were able to set up The Incredible Edger, Ice Skate Conditioning sharpening machine by Sid Broadbent in the public skate rental room. This is where the first grunt work began.

edges and dreams may this store be too small to hold all our friends
Here's a picture from 2015 with our then 1 year old daughter Eliana inside the 1st shop. So cute!

Looking back from the start to where we are now, we have grown so much! We are now a team of 6 experts running 2 shop locations, a virtual fitting service and an online store. We have multiple sharpening machines, boot punches, mounting stands, tools and trainings under our belt that we are confident we can help skaters with any of their needs. We have been invited as top dealers for several figure skate companies. Our most favorite international trips involve traveling as far as Sheffield England to visit the factory for John Wilson and MK Blades and also Ontario Canada for Jackson Ultima. 

Our original location is still open inside Edge Ice Arena in Littleton Colorado, but we moved to a room three times the size. Yay! Our second location is inside the new South Suburban Sports Complex where we service ice skaters AND now hockey as well! We do vend competitions here and there as well, but focus most of our attention on our in-person customers and online presence. 

I hope to help you along your skating journey! 

Keep Dreamin' Big! 



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