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ICESK8.com is an Edges & Dreams Ltd Company.

Edges & Dreams Ltd was created in the summer of 2011 with the collaboration of the growing program at Edge Ice Arena and Foothills Park & Rec District. Stephen Chasman has been skating for over twenty years. He has competed both freestyle and ice dance, but found his greatest success in ice dancing. Stephen is a two time national competitor. In 2004, Stephen won the United States National Novice Dance Championship. He specializes in freestyle, ice dance, choreography, and power skating. Recently, Stephen has achieved becoming a quintuple gold medalist in field moves, freestyle, freedance, compulsory dance and solo dance. Stephen is also a Master Rated coach through PSA.

As a skater, Stephen has taken his knowledge of skates and blades to help other skaters with their figure skating equipment needs. Stephen specializes in figure skate blade sharpenings and mountings.

Chelsea Chasman has been skating with Stephen since 2005. Together they are testing to achieve her gold medal in ice dancing. She is a member of Professional Skaters Association and United State Figure Skating. Recently, Chelsea passed her Registered Group and Registered Field Move Exams with the Professional Skaters Association. She has extensive experience in teaching skaters of all ages, but specializes in beginner skating, ice dance and power skating.

Chelsea wants to share her love of ice skating. She believes every skater practices and competes better when he or she looks and feels their best on the ice! To do so, Chelsea has been committed to providing whatever a skater needs, so that they can accomplish their skating dreams! Chelsea specializes in boot fittings of custom and stock boots from all boot makers.

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